What is Aerospace Engineering

The engineering branch, Aerospace Engineering inculcates the skills and knowledge to design, manufacture and maintain spacecraft, missiles and weapons systems. Aerospace Engineering deals with two major and overlapping branches- Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering. However, Avionics Engineering deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering. A large part of aerospace engineering consists of mechanical engineering covering a wide range of topics, including computer applications, structure, mathematics, physics, drafting, electricity, robotics, aeronautics etc. As per the students review, Aerospace Engineering is considered one of the toughest branches of engineering. However, if studied with dedication and focus, the branch gives the best result to the students. Students opting for Aerospace Engineering can make their bright career in the air force as a flight engineer, in the aviation industry as an aircraft engineer as well either private or with the national carrier. While remuneration in India for Aerospace Engineering graduates varies depending upon the region and the experience students have. Read on, to know in detail about Aerospace Engineering, its highlights, career and more.

Career Opportunities in Aerospace Engineering

  • Maintenance of Aircraft or Missiles

Aerospace Engineers test new aerodynamic and aviation systems, and maintain them.

  • Aircraft Designer

Aerospace Engineers specializing………………………..

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